Happy Halloween!!!

   I’d completely forgotten that it was Halloween (despite even marking it down in my planner and all) until, walking up stairs the way to Business Chinese this morning, I passed someone wearing a Dick Cheney mask. I was surprised for maybe a millisecond before I remembered why.
   I think either my classes were low in kids with Halloween spirit, or maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough, but I didn’t see very many people wearing costumes today.
   During dinner, I saw a few good ones, like Link from Zelda and this guy dressed as Waldo (from those “Where’s Waldo?” books)…and as he walked by, someone yelled, “There you are!” Hahaha good timing.

   A bit earlier tonight, biological weapon roommate (now finally on the upswing) enters our room. I’m sitting drowsily at my desk, from where I’d had my head down and probably was lightly dozing before he came in.

Roommate (talking about the Microecon class we’re both in): I think if I get keep getting more extra iClicker points, I can pull my grade up to a 90-something.
Me: I don’t know, I’m not sure if we can get enough extra points that way to make so much of a difference.
Roommate: Oh, well I’ll email the professor and tell him the questions are too easy and that we need more.
Me: What are you talking about? He wouldn’t give us more questions, he’d make them harder. The class would kill you.
Roommate 2 (my current roommate, from his computer): I’d kill you. [He’s taking micro, but he’s not in our class] What are you trying to do?!
Roommate: I need to make him ask more questions.
Me: No, that’s not what you need. You need to do better on the tests.

   And, just saying what I’d said normally, not meaning for anything to happen, but that caused Roommate 3, sitting in living room studying for orgo (organic chem), to start cracking up, setting off Roommate 2, and all of us just started laughing. Woke me up a bit.
Roommate: Okay, well, that too.

   Always has something interesting to say, that one. I haven’t quoted the half of it. –”

   Rain is steadily falling as I type. The pitter-patter sounds of raindrops tapping lightly on all the surfaces they strike sets a nice collection of rhythms that should make it easy to fall asleep to…not that I need any outside aid.
   For “some reason”, it feels like the weather’s been mostly like this for the whole of this week. Luckily, I think most of the week flew by when I yawned sometime early Tuesday morning…”::yawn::” –> “::zoom::” – and the next thing you know, I’m back home on a Friday night/Saturday morning, minimally trying to write a shorter xanga entry.
   Also “for some reason” (lack of sleep maybe –“), I can’t remember if there were many notable events this week. I do rather like my entry about the moon…that day wasn’t too out of the ordinary until I noted the moon and decided to write a bit about it.

   I find myself slightly surprised, again, to be at the end of the week…again. I’m glad that I at least believe there’s been some progress on my part, as noted in that Monday entry. I’ve figured out most of where my time is going, and some things are slowly ‘normalizing’. Other things are different and will stay that way. Whatever’s best for me, I think, gets to stay, and what’s unnecessary is discarded.
   Life…has been ok. Tiring and busy at times, but that’s expected and workable. The rather disagreeable weather didn’t dampen my spirits at all…at least, any of those dreary days and nights were brighter when I felt I wasn’t alone. I think those brighter days form a large part of whatever it is I look forwards to nowadays.

   And on whim, hahaha…

   Good night, rain. Wash our troubles away.

Sends the dark away.

   The moon, so full and bright, dominates the sky tonight.

   Set against a stunning backdrop of clouds that in no way dampens its radiance, it illuminates the earth and lights up the sky, its cool pale rays unlike those of the sun but no less stunning in their own fashion, painting shadows that splatter – in that organized chaos we name Nature – across a damp earthen canvas of grass and ground.

   It needs to do nothing to attract attention. Just simply by being, it shines, outshines, effortlessly drawing myriad eyes in its deliberate and graceful waltz across the sky – the epitome of unspoken beauty, pristine serenity, comforting silence, unconditional companionship, a light in the dark…a sight to see.

   As I walked, I looked up and I wondered…how many others ever see the face of the moon that I saw tonight – someone tantalizingly familiar, perhaps the indistinct face of a faraway friend?

   Mm…pretty, and rather out of reach. Hmm. And like stars, like those closest friends – not always seen but always there.

   Thanks for lighting my way when I can’t see my path, and for shining down this way every so often and making the dark go away.

   Though I haven’t seen many stars tonight, it’s been a sky worth gazing into for at least a small bit of time.
   Nothing means more to me than a sign that tells me I’m not always walking alone.

   Good night, moon. ^^

   Sweet dreams, of warm moonlight and shooting stars~

The 22nd of October. Fast mm? Marks day 72; 65; or maybe, maybe…1.

Morning [8:43am]:
   Tired. Hard to get out of bed, slapped ‘snooze’ on alarm ~3/4 times. Eventually got tired of doing that when both the main alarm and cellphone alarms kept waking me up, so got out of bed to work on lit. Chinese.
   Feeling eh. Tired haha. Wait till later.

Noon [1:17pm]:
   Today after Lit. Chinese, it was a trial, as usual, fitting into an H bus, as it always is during peak class times. Hahaha, it was the definition of ‘crammed’ during that ride, where you’re not able to hold anything and every time the bus tilts or moves sharply (which it has to do a lot, for no apparent reason) you fall a bit…until you hit the person next to you. But it’s ok b/c half the other kids are falling around too.
   Lit. Chinese was ok. Starting from this lesson on, we have to memorize and be able to write the entire text (previously we just had to mostly know it and she’d quiz us on select parts of it.) Hahaha…work time for this class just shot up, and it’ll only increase. It’s one class where you can’t procrastinate…which is cool.
   Going to eat ‘dinner’ at around 4pm (er, missed breakfast and didn’t eat early lunch b/c I figured I’d compact it into dinner…not always the best plan I know…I’ll probably end up getting takeout later) – badminton later, and I’ll have to leave earlier from that, unfortunately, to head to an NSCS meeting where they’re going to have something on resumes…that’ll be useful, hopefully. 

   Definitely feeling different…feeling inexplicably pumped a bit over nothing in particular, but still waiting, a bit anxiously, to see. At least when I woke up this morning it was from the bed and not the er…couch.
   Still waiting, but this time watching myself. …We’ll…see? Mm.

   I’ll be back with a nighttime entry.

Earlier Night [6:49pm]:
   Decided to have dinner at 5 since that’s when they switch from lunch to dinner menu.
   Events left in the day: head to badminton at around 7:30; arrive at the Busch Campus Center (BCC) for NSCS before 9; get some work preemptively done.
   I don’t yet know if I’ll head back to badminton after the NSCS thing – I guess I’ll see how I feel and how long the meeting takes.
   Now I’ll find some stuff to do for the next 40-ish minutes.

   Looking forwards to badminton. Still feeling mixed anticipation and wariness for nothing definable.
Night night [11:43pm]:
   Just got back from badminton…played from ~7:35-8:50, then 10:10-11:30. A bit sore and massively thirsty…I decided I’m not getting takeout b/c I’m not at all hungry.

   Going to shower and then see if I can be preemptive on either math or business Chinese hw before sleeping or else I’m going to be flooded tomorrow.

   It’s finally the end of the day, and I’m feeling…thirsty doesn’t really count. I think…mostly ok, a bit disappointed, but there’s not enough basis for that yet, haha. That, I’ll wait and see.

   …everything…ok…? I dunno what’s up.

   Almost to another day – just two more short lines left to say.

   Take it easy…get better soon.

   And sweet dreams.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
-Lao Tzu

“If you do not change your direction, you may end up where you are headed.”
-Lao Tzu