So Daylight Saving Time officially ended today at around 2am, I believe, meaning that instead of it being 2:21 now, it should really be around 1:21am. Gaining an hour…nice.
   A bit earlier, after I got back to the apartment, roommate Ah. goes to the living room and asks roommate As.

Ah: It’s daylight savings today, right?
As: I’ve been trying to find out. I think I should call 911.
Ah: Why the hell would you call 911?!
As: No, they’d know for sure. Or I should call RUPD.
Ah: … ::walks over to my room:: R, today’s daylight savings right?
Me: Yeah, daylight saving time ends at about now, so it goes back to being about 1 now.
Ah: …He tried to call the cops.
Me: …Yeah, I heard.



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