Happy Thanksgiving!

   Our wireless router is having some issues and dad’s been monopolizing this desktop for most of the day, haha, so I’m taking this opportunity while he’s eating to check email, etc. Internet access for the next few days might be kinda iffy unless I can find some other way to get things running.

   Possibly getting up early tomorrow (if my sister and alarms can get me out of bed) to try to do some Black Friday shopping at some mall, which I don’t think I’ve actually ever done. I don’t really need much nowadays, but ah well…see what the experience is like. Meanwhile, sister and friends are planning out like which stores to hit, what times are optimal…crazy.

   In a day it’ll be 104. Curious, eager, pensive…calm? *shrug* We’ll see.
   I wonder if it’s silence I’m waiting for.


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