I think I finally, more fully, realized sometime while sitting in front of the piano today…what was causing a large part of the strangeness. Haha…not sure why I never really thought of that reason before…simple thought it may be, it seems to make sense, though.

   I did manage to get up earlier, if not quite sleep earlier. One step at a time, I guess.

   I need to fix my sleep schedule.

   When I woke up today, it was dark. I glanced at my watch, saw the time was 5-ish. Wondered why I’d suddenly wake up, and turned to go back to sleep. Thought: “Wait a second, what if…” Looked at my watch more carefully, and this time saw the “PM” behind the “5-something”. Holy moly…
   Granted, what with finals season just done, and a few other days of weird sleep times…still. Oh mannn.

Christmas Eve

    Ski trip this year was to the Poconos. Eric and I were reminiscing, it’s already been 3+ years since we last went to the Poconos, since we’ve gone to Killington in Vermont for the past few years.

   The trip definitely flew by. Different kind of feeling, same familiar-ish place.

   Not optimal skiing conditions yesterday, since it was raining. I started off skiing by myself (friend couldn’t join me b/c of various injuries), which was pretty good, and then I accidentally found my sister with a bunch of our friends, so I joined them for the rest of our skiing session.

[More to come in a bit, since I’m trying to finish super last-second Christmas cards that I didn’t get to finish earlier.]

   Christmas Eve…Some things have been wack, Santa. It’s mostly me, I guess.

   Just affirmation, please.

   I just got out of bed an hour+ ago – that’s the result of super irregular sleep from finals week, I guess.

   Heading out in a minute to pick up sister & her friend from the mall…I might as well finish up last-minute Christmas shopping since it’s the last chance I’ll have before the fact, anyway – ski trip coming up, leaving Saturday and coming back Monday, right before Christmas.

   Christmas in a few days…I can’t believe it, hahaha.

   ‘Tis the season…

   Fall semester – done!

   Headed home later in the day.

   5:39pm – Dad’s here, I’m finishing light-ish packing, and after some dinner (I’m actually full so I’ll swipe him in) we’ll be headed back.

   It doesn’t really feel like finals season…strange. I’ve got my two most material-intensive exams tomorrow – Microecon from 12-3 and then Precalc from 4-7

   So apparently two of my roommates went to sleep at 10am…today. They’d stayed up playing through Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2…hahaha, it was ridiculous, b/c they got up at like 5pm today. One of them had hardly left the couch for ~17hrs.

   It’s been sleeting/hailing for the past few hours. As I was heading to work study it was already beginning to snow, and by the time I left at 11am, there was already some accumulation of sleet on the ground, enough to make walking around slightly dangerous. We had to wait a long time for a bus to take us back to Busch b/c there was an accident on Rt. 18 or something…after I got on the bus I dozed in and out, and eventually got off at the Busch campus center, walked back.
   I still have one last class to go to, a make-up class b/c we’d had regular class canceled once for the football game. The weather outside is pretty terrible…who wants to fight through this to go to class?

   Later tonight…heading to the Midnight Breakfast at the dining hall, 1:30pm – 1:30am.

   I wonder what it means when I experience or find something that’s hard for me to express in words.

   I think that’s…when I don’t understand?

   Finals season, quickly approaching…and kind of already here. Winter break…going to be interesting. From 12/22 to 1/21…cool.
   Hopefully will be able to do some interesting things during that time.

   Speaking of ‘interesting’, the other two roommates, who probably should really be studying very hard for their organic chemistry final that’s on Friday (my current roommate has actually gotten to studying, most likely b/c a friend & study buddy of his is here as well), are instead inexplicably cracking up and making prank calls or something…hahaha. Wacky…DK and I are thinking, either Ahmedul’s getting infected, or they’re a negative influence on each other…kind of a downward spiral. Either way, we think it might’ve been a mistake to put the two of those guys together. –” Hahaha…

   Seems to take something like this fan issue to show just how much I use this laptop…trying to clean the fan didn’t work, so it looks like more drastic measures are needed. I just called Best Buy and they told me some stuff about “week-long necessary diagnostic”, and basically that if it’s a fan problem they’d send it to the manufacturer…if it was still under warranty. Which I’m pretty sure I’m not, meaning I need to contact HP directly or find a “licensed dealer” who’d be able to help.

   Actually, I’m trying to take this as a message to get cracking on finals studying. Speaking of which: had my Business Chinese final last Friday; Buddhism final book report due by Saturday the 15th; Microecon final and Precalc final on Monday 12/17; and Lit. Chinese final on 12/20.

   This computer problem is actually pretty annoying…wonder how it’s going to turn out.

   Ok, just finished chatting with an “HP online technician”. DK is pretty sure that the guy I was chatting with (who identified himself as “Vaughn”) is not only not really named “Vaughn”, but is probably some guy who has a hard time understanding English and was probably picking out set responses…maybe I’ll post some of that chat later.

   So the guy gave me some directions which I’m going to try to follow now – I’m going to hope that this isn’t the last entry I type from this computer –“.

   Hopefully back later.