Third day of the new year and the first day back to the city. Today was pretty interesting – started off the day by reliving part of the old high school experience – the part where I wake up at around 6:20am and eat breakfast…it was so that I could get to Gabe’s house earlier, since we planned to take the bus to Port Authority and make our way to Lincoln Center from there.
   Hmm…hahaha, I did end up learning more stuff about the city, both from Gabe and from his friend Nelson.

   So basically Gabe and I got to Lincoln Center, bought tickets and watched the open rehearsal of the New York Philharmonic. They played/practiced two Mendelssohn pieces – Overture to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Concerto in E minor for Violin and Orchestra; then Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 2 in E-flat major; and finally Elgar’s Enigma Variations. I listed the specifics for those music aficionados out there who might know what I’m talking about.
   It was pretty cool – the second one, the Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, was really good, a famous piece that I’d heard before but never live. It all took from a bit after 9:45 until around 12:20, after which we met Nelson and then proceeded to our next destinations.

   Now…first Nelson took us to a place to eat, then we went to go look at some places. And those places…hahaha, were mostly high-class/exclusive places with…extravagantly expensive shoes. Though I’m not really interested in that, I at least learned some stuff as we took various subway lines, etc. Let’s see, some of the places we went to were Soho and Greenwich Village, and basically the stores Nelson and Gabe checked out included such names as “Stussy”, “Kidrobot”, “Bape”, “Billionaire Boys”…basically, stores with rather expensive merchandise, whose excessive prices apparently made them classy, as I was informed. Hmm…hahaha. I don’t quite get that, but sure – whatever people like, I guess.

   Ok, I don’t really want to take so long with this entry. Basically, the day was pretty full, I learned a fair amount of things, and I’m hoping to head back there soon. Even if it’s just walking around with Gabe and heading to places he wants to look at, I’m still picking things up here and there. Soon I might even be able to take the subway – and end up where I want to go! Hahaha…maybe. Working on that.
   Haha, I’m actually a bit tired, probably combo of busy day and getting up early.

   Mostly, hmm…I guess writing some of the entries I consider more interesting, like the one for New Year’s, is…somewhat calming, in a way. Once the entry is mostly acceptable, then I’ve usually turned over the thoughts and worked with the words enough times that I’m fairly satisfied that I’ve understood what I want to say and said what I mean.
   After finishing the New Year’s entry, I wondered for a moment if all the words above weren’t just a prelude, but then I think I wouldn’t have been able to reach the last part without first getting through all of that above.

   Ah well.


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