Ok first…my bad, I didn’t get to type an entry yesterday or get to modifying the xanga, as I’d mentioned in the previous entries – for one of them I ended up laying on the bed and falling asleep at night (at a super early time) before I could really do anything, and as for why I didn’t get to type that entry…dead tired from the first long day of classes on Tuesday.

   I’m glad to be able to report, though, that this time slight changes finally have been made, and an entry has been typed (as seen above and below.) New music, too – this time, swapped in David Tao (陶喆)’s 每一面都美. Wait for it to buffer, or just download it – it’s not bad, I think.

   So yeah. The first week of spring semester is almost done, and the feeling I have so far for the year is that it’s going to be a busy one. Not a bad thing…maybe.

   The schedule I’ll probably end up keeping:

   Intro to Lit. Chinese (part 2): MTh
   Business Chinese II: WF
   Calc. I: TF, W (recitation)
   Intro. to Organizational Leadership: TTh
   Law and Politics: MW, T (recitation, every other week)

   The two Chinese course are continuations of the courses from last semester. I just had the first Law and Politics lecture today, and though I’d been thinking of dropping the class, I’ve changed my mind – the course material sounds pretty interesting, and I think knowing some of this stuff could come in handy. What with this particular upcoming election, and just the whole…you know, living in the US kind of thing hahaha…knowing some of what we’d be learning could be cool.
   I’ve got some hopes for that Organizational Leadership class. We’re being taught by a Dean, of something in Cook/Douglas College, and she seems quite well-prepared to teach that class. Actually, I think almost all of the teachers I’ve got this semester seem pretty competent, so there’s at least that.
   I’ve been looking at my schedule, knowing I’m going to be mad busy (man all these courses seem pretty work intensive – Chinese is Chinese, I’ve never been the best of friends with math, Law and Politics has a big workload with five papers, quizzes and stuff, Organizational Leadership has projects and readings), and trying to figure out how I’m going to squeeze in time for badminton, ROAR, work study, and a few other activities. I’d grabbed the Spring Recreation pamphlet as soon as I got back, and though I see some cool stuff, I’m definitely disappointed to see that they’re not offering break dancing this semester. Hopefully…next semester.

   Yeah, I think it’s going to be a busy but interesting year. If I can balance the workload with the other activities, things’ll be pretty good, I think.

   There’s been change. Dare I say ‘improvement’ yet?


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