Hmm…I don’t remember the last time I slept so early (~11pm), and woke up so early (~6am) without the help of multiple alarms.

   Haha, yesterday night after getting back from the ROAR meeting (which I pretty much missed because I slightly over-napped and then the buses didn’t show), I decided almost right away to nap for a bit, before I went to sleep. That ended up turning into just sleeping, pretty much, until around 4am, when I woke up…then went back to sleep for another two hours, until now.

   So I’ve got around 3 hours before Business Chinese at 9:50, and I’m feeling relatively rested…got maybe 7 hours of sleep?

   Three classes today, and at night probably going to the taekwondo club meeting with DK again. That might not be the best idea, what with the performances this coming Saturday. Hmm, as long as I’m careful, and get rest, I guess.

   Owned in Business Chinese today. –“


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