::wakes up to alarm(s) at 8, turns it off and sleeps::

::wakes up naturally at 9:20, half an hour before class, drags self out of bed then sees snow outside. turns computer on, goes to


Rutgers Snow Day 2-22-08 cropped pic 2


Hahahahaha…Rutgers never closes!

I really need this break…it’s just been too long of a week, even though it’s flown by.

I’m going to try to go back to sleep even though I’ve just been energized. I’ll set some alarms, though.

Haven’t seen this much snow, or had a snow day, in such a long time.

[edit 4:10pm]
   Well…basically I just woke up ten minutes ago. I haven’t gotten so much sleep in…I don’t even remember. Probably not in the last few weeks. And so, basically missed the entire morning, hahaha, and I need to take the next train back.

   Lots of stuff to do tonight–Lion Dance Dinner party tomorrow.


   In a final note…I probably can’t convey how glad I was that classes were canceled, and you can tell that by the size of the font I used for “Snow Day”…if I’d been more awake I’d probably have picked something a bit smaller. But hey…it was sooo needed.

Something not good happened to something of mine yesterday, noticed it after the lion dance performance. Maybe nothing too major to most people, but I consider it majorly annoying at the very least.

In fact what caused yesterday’s non-entry (sorry about that) is that I was mostly sitting in front of the computer trying to think of how to word it (that, before I accidentally fell asleep)…I’d seriously considered just writing “damn” or some variation. I’d have been more upset if it could’ve helped the situation, but…it wasn’t even so much what’d happened to it, as the possible significance of it, stupid as that might or might not be.

I wonder, if it’s just kind of a delayed tangible manifestation of what perhaps might’ve already happened. Are either of them fixable? Insert expletive or sigh here.
If nothing else, I can’t say how relieved I am that what happened yesterday wasn’t permanent. It really could’ve been worse.

I’ll be more specific after a bit of time…I guess after I see if anything comes of it and after I understand some more of what’s going on.

Even though that’s what I’m going to have to do again, I’m tired of waiting and seeing. I just want to chat with, talk with, some friends now, about school, life, anything.
But it’s late, I need to rest for tomorrow’s shows, and I really don’t feel like dealing with general AIM delays. Busy friends I’ve got, I guess.

I guess busy or not, it’s always worth a try. But I’ll have to wait til after I get back to Rutgers tomorrow.

Happy Chinese New Year!

   I’ve got to keep this short since uh…I’m dead tired now, at 4:11am, up doing calc WeBWork that I just saw isn’t due until tomorrow – uh, Saturday – night…–. Figures.

   新年快樂! Happy Chinese New Year!

   Hopefully everyone’s been able to celebrate the Chinese New Year in some way, or soon will be, whether with good food, a well-deserved break, or simply just an additional bit of cheer…

   Another performance at Pig Heaven today, went ok. Two more performances for this New Year, I think.

   So, very coincidentally, I just got to know another kid who happens to attend Stuyvesant, a current junior. How does this keep happening…? Haha it’s cool anyway. Yeah, I’ll have to ask if you know him.

   Got back to Silvers at around 11:50pm, jotted a placeholder xanga entry, then…decided, before showering, to launch Operation SaveMyNose, since something was making the apartment smell…fishy. So I ended up single-handedly (I was alone in the apartment until like 2am) taking out the trash and recycling bins, then opened up a few windows, in an effort to air out the apartment and just make it smell less weird. I went to shower, and by the time the other guys came back the apartment smelled a bit better.

   Somehow that roommate of mine, the roommate, decided that he has to do his laundry. Like, right now, at 4:30am. I advised him against it. That advice went the way it usually did – in one ear and out the other, I think. It went like this:

   ::Ashok steps in front of my doorway clutching red laundry bag::
   A: Hey, I need to go do my laundry now.
   Me: …Ashok, it’s like 4 in the morning. Do it after you get up or something.
   A: No, I’ve got to go after I get up.
   Me: Go where?
   A: To breakfast, the bookstore, then the train station. [He’s decided to skip some classes to go visit a friend in NYC.]
   Me: …You should get some sleep, you know. It won’t help if you’re really tired.
   A: No, I can sleep after I get home. I really need to do my laundry.
   Me: [gives up] –…Ok sure, do what you’ve got to do. ::shakes head in disbelief::

   I can’t work up the energy to think of what I might’ve wanted to write here. Maybe tomorrow’s entry, when I’m not about to pass out on my laptop.

   Good night and happy new year!

NYC on 2/6/08

[If I’m using any strange tenses or anything it’s probably b/c I’m editing this at like 6 in the morning – woken up by roommates who forgot their keys –“. And I’d fallen asleep before I got to write this.]

   Unusual day today. Started in the usual way (too early) with two classes, then I eventually headed to the train station and caught the 2:37pm train to NY Penn Station. On the way there I looked at some maps, and since I’d have some time before the 7:00 performance at Pig Heaven, I decided to
try to visit some places. Also, I probably wouldn’t get another chance this week, since this particular Wednesday I happen to get out of classes a bit earlier.

   So I’d heard of this place called Stuyvesant High School, haha, and thought it’d be interesting to check out the area, what with it appearing (on the map) to be somewhat close to Chinatown and some other places I’d heard of.  I managed to take the number 1 downtown, got off at Chambers St, and then navigated my way towards the high school’s direction.
   At this point it was probably around late ~4:30, maybe already around 5. After possibly finding the high school (cool building), I ended up walking in this pretty nice park (I think it was called Rockefeller Park, maybe?) that was nearby, and I stood for a bit and watched the sunset. It’s weird but I think I might’ve seen a friend of a friend, recognizing them probably from Facebook, of all things. Also spent way too long attempting to write a text message.
   I think I ended up spending the most time walking around or wandering around that park area, taking some pictures (I actually got some really nice ones, I’ll put them up later), and generally enjoying the atmosphere.

   Eventually, as it was slowly getting darker and nearer to showtime, I started navigating my way towards a green subway line, got on at the City Hall stop and took the number 6 up to 76 St. and then walked the rest of the way to Pig Heaven, which is apparently between 80 and 81st Streets on 2nd Ave. The performance was delayed, but I think for the most part it went ok.
   I had fun, even though most of what I did was walking around. Actually, I think that was what made it fun for me – the walking around, the navigating (I keep saying that because for me, any directions are a work of navigation), the exploring. It would’ve been interesting if I’d gone with friends who know the area better, but this way was good too – I could take my time doing what I wanted to do, which was mostly just walking around, unrushed, my only aims being to look, see, learn, enjoy.
   It’s definitely a bit different, the atmosphere of and life in NYC, from what I’m more familiar with. Things are perhaps…in some ways fast-paced, which was only one of the differences. But on the whole NYC doesn’t feel strange or much out of the ordinary – it’s been just a (mostly figurative) breath of fresh air, something different and interesting.

   7:00 show at Pig Heaven for the next three nights too…hmm. I’m a bit ambivalent about those. Too bad I won’t have time to check out other places earlier since I’ve got later classes.

   Yeah…the best part about today was the trip and the best part of that was probably the little jaunt around the Rockefeller Park/ferry boarding/etc area.

   Little by little, I wonder. “How” this, “why” that…I know that life, things, don’t have to be complicated – they’ll be only as complicated as I want to see them – but some things, for me, are harder to avoid.

   A thought…was that it seems old friends are hard to come by…that you have to get along well with someone when you’re younger and still get along well as the years pass and as you both grow and change…growing separately, but not apart. And good friends, too, that don’t have to be old friends…what matters isn’t how long you’ve known someone, but how much they matter, how well you get along, how well things work. It’s funny how people you’ve only known for a bit can affect your life in unexpected ways, how you might meet someone by chance (if you believe in that) and find that interests mesh or something, and, well, you suddenly find yourself with a friend. Funny thing, life.

   I don’t mind wandering sometimes, but I hate a part of drifting.

Busy weekend

   This past Saturday – weekend, for that matter – was really busy. I would’ve written something earlier but really…I didn’t touch the computer the whole weekend until using it for play rehearsal Sunday.

   Friday: after getting home by train, Lion Dance practice, then went home and slept.

   Saturday: Pretty much a packed day. Attended a funeral in the morning, ~10~11:30; then immediately headed to Macy’s in Herald’s Square, where we performed two shows, one little loop on the main floor and another show on the 7th floor; then headed to Mid-Jersey Chinese School in East Brunswick, where we waited a bit until 7pm,  performed Lion Dance and at 8:15pm performed Dragon Dance; then rushed to “The Estate” in Rivervale NJ to perform for a wedding party. Got home at 12:15am and, dead tired, went to sleep.
   From funeral to wedding, pretty much the only thing I missed Saturday was seeing a friend in NYC due to some ironic circumstance or other.
   Just put up some pics on Facebook…super-abbreviated picture version of events, sans performance pics b/c I still haven’t quite figured out an efficient way to take pics while Lion Dancing.

   Sunday (today): woke up, drove to meet up with the PCIII class to help them with their rehearsal for the Chinese New Year’s show at BCS this coming Sunday. Worked from ~1:30 ~ 4:30pm, then headed home, ate dinner, caught train back to Rutgers.
   Got back, took the bus to the Busch campus center, sat and ate something while drinking some almond bubble tea (had a sudden craving for bubble tea), enjoyed the silence. Then walked back to Silvers. Now in the process of catching up with missed emails, uploading pics, doing work, etc.