::wakes up to alarm(s) at 8, turns it off and sleeps::

::wakes up naturally at 9:20, half an hour before class, drags self out of bed then sees snow outside. turns computer on, goes to campusstatus.rutgers.edu::


Rutgers Snow Day 2-22-08 cropped pic 2


Hahahahaha…Rutgers never closes!

I really need this break…it’s just been too long of a week, even though it’s flown by.

I’m going to try to go back to sleep even though I’ve just been energized. I’ll set some alarms, though.

Haven’t seen this much snow, or had a snow day, in such a long time.

[edit 4:10pm]
   Well…basically I just woke up ten minutes ago. I haven’t gotten so much sleep in…I don’t even remember. Probably not in the last few weeks. And so, basically missed the entire morning, hahaha, and I need to take the next train back.

   Lots of stuff to do tonight–Lion Dance Dinner party tomorrow.


   In a final note…I probably can’t convey how glad I was that classes were canceled, and you can tell that by the size of the font I used for “Snow Day”…if I’d been more awake I’d probably have picked something a bit smaller. But hey…it was sooo needed.


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