Trip to NYC today/Thursday, in a few bullet points, goes something like this:

-Arrive in NY Penn station at ~11:30am
-Discovers that “Weather” has been set from “showers” to “super windy”
-Planning strategy in Borders
-Explore New York Public Library
-Get lost in and in finding Rockefeller Center
-Exploring the lower half of Central Park
-Lots of walking = need to get in shape
-Arrive in Chinatown later than planned = places are closed/closing
-Navigated into shady area…navigated out
-I have no idea where I am/where I can find something more satisfying than uh…shish kebab…to eat.
-Phoning-a-friend ploy doesn’t work too well and phone is, naturally, low on battery power
-Find cool bubble tea place, order a mango ice thing despite them running out of tapioca and it being freezing outside
-Navigated to 53 and 6, waited in line at the vendor and ate.
-Navigated home.

Liberally add in “consulting maps”, “walking around same block multiple times”, “backtracking”, “having navigational difficulties” a few times above, and you have a fair image of the trip. Oh and “taking pictures”…though by the time I got to Chinatown I’d pretty much stopped…tired, dark, and too cold.

And when I finally got home at a bit after 12, just felt overwhelmingly tired and, having considered a recent xanga entry, kind of dumb…not everything needs to be spoken and i don’t know if it quite needed to be.

People who don’t Think probably don’t have Brains; rather, they have gray fluff that’s blown into their heads by mistake.   -Winnie the Pooh

Just one big series of gray fluff activity lately, mm?


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