Never mind whatever other wacky stuff is going on, never mind upcoming finals and all those fun things…today morning just kind of broke some records.

   Basically, the story goes like this: having been woken up in my apartment on Busch at 8:15am, I had to catch an 8:59am train to NYC at the New Brunswick station, which was a campus away. I absolutely had to catch this 8:59 train because it would take me to NY Penn station at 9:51, and the next train would make me late. It was so haphazard because it was only at 8:15 when the organizers decided that the event was not going to be canceled from rain (which ended up being a good call because the weather turned really nice.)
   Now, the gaps between weekend campus buses are notoriously large, and after I’d spent ~10 minutes throwing stuff into a backpack (umbrella, water, some bun, another shirt, my lit chinese book just in case) and running to the campus center, I discovered that there was around 40 minutes before the next L bus. That wasn’t going to cut it, so…I turned and ran the other way.
   Passing by my apartment area again, the time being 8:30am (I have these times b/c I was either called or calling someone), I had the bright idea of calling one of my roommates who had a car, b/c if he could drive me I’d be good. But…he had no fuel. Nothing I could do, so I decided to press on.

   Then came the most…ridiculous timed run of my life thus far. It was funny, even with a deadline that I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make. I’m no long-distance runner, and hardly cut out for any kind of running at all. I’m terribly out of shape, and I just have to thank whatever it was that let me keep going…whether it was hours of badminton, lion dance, general walking, plus sheer determination to not stop while I still had time…all the while wearing a backpack, too.
   Well, on and on it went, me running on the bike path bridge that spanned the Raritan River, occasionally taking some short walking breaks between spurts of running. Eventually I passed the bridge and got onto College Ave campus, kept running. Finally, with the train station in sight and with my watch showing that I had a few minutes left, I ran into the station, bought tickets, and in about two minutes after I got my ticket, the train pulled in.

   I think the people in my compartment thought I was completely crazy or something, because I was still gasping for breath. Two older ladies were giving me strange looks, and they weren’t the only ones, but eventually after I caught my breath and got a call from Sifu Henry (at 9:01, telling him I’d made it…he was cracking up even though I hardly thought it was funny –“), I was able to explain to those ladies that, no, I was not sick and that I had just run all the way from Busch. Weird, I run onto the train gasping for breath, clearly sweating like crazy, taking off extra layers of clothes, and people think I’m “sick”? Hrmm. Later I’d find out that they used to live in my town, on a street near mine. Small world, apparently.
   I still have trouble believing that I caught that train.

   The rest of the event, a rally that had something to do with, “pro-peace, pro-democracy, pro-Olympics” or something, was ok, the three of us who could go just basically set up the dragon and music platform and the following march was the second mini-marathon of the day that I also didn’t see coming.

   Coming back to New Brunswick by train, major delays announced even at Penn Station, and as we got closer we received word of “police ” at New Brunswick station, causing major delays–long enough that I think I was able to get an hour nap in and still have plenty of time to spare. And as we pulled into the station I heard that someone had gotten hit by a train…    o.o.   The firefighter who told me said that, in response to my question, that no, the person was not ok. A nearby police officer, when asked, told me that no, no one had gotten hit and that the firefighters were just cleaning the tracks. I kind of doubted that because I didn’t think they needed multiple firetrucks and police officers just to (unexpectedly) “clean tracks”, but…I suppose we’ll see tomorrow.

   I then went and satisfied my craving for bubble tea with a nice almond taro milkshake, and eventually got back to Silvers.

   Like I said, never mind whatever weird things have been happening…I still can’t believe I caught that train. If I’d delayed another minute or two, it would’ve been over.

  Mhmm…when all is said and done, it’s not really too huge of a thing, but if nothing else, I impressed myself. Maddd lucky, hahaha…

Note: The link in the previous entry does contain “Happy Ending”, but with some other weird song tacked on the end. This link might work better:


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