I can hardly believe that it’s been around a month since the
last public entry on this site. I’d apologize for keeping all those
faithful readers waiting, but realistically, I figure there probably
weren’t many–if any–people who might’ve noticed the absence of any
updates anyway. Still, I want to explain and just write some stuff in
general, in part for my own peace of mind, I guess.

   Man, I’m
hardly a paragraph in and already I feel like I’m in danger of losing
the audience. There might be some disorganization in the following
paragraphs. Tsk…well here goes.

   These past few weeks since
the end of my sophomore year have involved a lot of my meaning to write
something and even more of my not actually writing anything. A lot of
people have asked me what I’ve been up to during the summer, and for
the most part my answers have been something to the effect of “a bit of
this and that, some days where I’m busy and other days where I’m just
chilling, nothing too concrete planned yet”. But the full answer is a
bit more involved:
   So far this summer, since the end of sophomore
year, I’ve fought repeated battles against my room and its allies, the
ancient dust tribes; I’ve pulled my bike out of retirement and actually
ridden it to the library, multiple times; I’ve taken backup pictures of
and thrown out junk from 6+ years ago; I’ve gone to Pennsylvania to
scout out the site for this year’s Lion Dance camping; I’ve gone and
watched a three-ring circus show for the first time in who knows how
long; I’ve reread the final Harry Potter book in like two sittings
(still good stuff); I’ve come upon (and taken pictures of) a poor
little mouse just laying on the ground in our basement (we scooped it
up and put it outside somewhere); I’ve been experiencing mild symptoms
of badminton withdrawal (argh, there don’t seem to be very many places
around here where people can play…the “Central Jersey Badminton Club”
and “Queens Badminton Club” are a tad out of my way); I’ve went and
bought a few yards of red “broad cloth”, and later spent hours
haphazardly gluing paper letters onto it in preparation for a Lion
Dance performance that didn’t quite happen as planned; paraded with our
troupe in our dragon and lions; hung out with old friends at a carnival
that we would’ve enjoyed more if we were ~4 years younger; I’ve
frantically worked on and managed to still not
finish a certain slideshow for our class of 2008 seniors in lion dance;
I’ve tried dragonboating (finally, haha…cool stuff) in Lake
Parsippany; I’ve driven our old and hardly reliable minivan in
ridiculous rain (that storm some days ago, I think); attended a
Father’s Day potluck in which I didn’t realize it was Father’s Day
until after the fact; “played” badminton in near darkness during a
break in rain; tried to assist in making Japanese pancakes; and
throughout all of those things, I’ve spent still more time organizing
my room (which in retrospect I think I’ve never really done, at least
not on this kind of scale), and wasted plenty of time doing stupid
stuff like waking up at, say, 6pm or something, (no) thanks to my
sleeptime being some really early hour in the morning, all for no
reason at all. The sleep schedule this summer, thus far, has for the
most part been even worse than this year of college, if that can be
believed. All for…just trying to reconcile some things, to come to
terms with…well, with myself for one. Now if that being the reason
for me repeatedly staying up until my sister gets up for school sounds
kind of dumb, I’d have to…semi-agree. I definitely hate waking
up…to see that it’s dark out, and not because it’s an AM time either.
I don’t like a wasted day…I don’t like a wasted anything. Speaking
late sleeping, this particular night falls into that category, but I
count it as an exception since I’m finally typing some entry.
Well, what else has happened, aside from all of that stuff above?
Friends fell prey to senioritis, friends took APs, friends aced finals
despite senioritis, friends had their proms, friends headed back to
college, friends are getting ready to head to college…friends’ houses getting zapped during storms, friends buying…hamsters ?, friends running on “korean time”–that is, half an hour behind schedule–hahaha…lots of stuff happening.
   In short, summer thus far has been nothing less than interesting, in all senses of the word.

These past few weeks, or I guess the days since the last “real/full”
public entry, I haven’t really been online much. I hadn’t done stuff
with Facebook for weeks until today, hadn’t managed to write the
entries that I’d wanted to write. I was avoiding the internet – I’d
look at my computer feel reluctant
to turn it on. It was…a kind of guilt, stemming from a few things.
For one, I’d been meaning to write some entry about the end of
sophomore year, and/or another one regarding friends. But I couldn’t
sit down and do it. And so whenever I looked at the computer, knowing
that I hadn’t made myself write what I wanted to write, there’d be
those pangs of guilt. And because of that, there’ve been a few days
where I actually haven’t turned on the computer. The end result there
was usually just being late to see some emails and various related
   Hrmm. Our less-than-reliable internet connection
(flickering on and off while I’m typing this, with me using the
laptop’s wireless in my room…and borrowing someone else’s internet
-.-“) doesn’t help any of this, either, but has little to do with the
subjects at hand. But yeah, as it’s always been, instant messaging with
me while I’m using wireless at home is a bit unreliable.

  So I’d wanted to say something about sophomore year in college, but the
more I think about it, the less I feel like there needs to be said, for
better or worse. I think…all in all, it was academically ok, with the
exception of a certain calculus class. In general, it was still…ok. I
think the most I’ll do for this is, when I’ve got the time and
inclination, to put up some pic album somewhere with the “Best of” pics
from soph. year. Hmm, I meant to do that for freshman year too,
hahaha…oh well.
   If I’d known it’d be so easy to write something about sophomore year, I totally should’ve done it sooner.

Yeah, I really don’t want this particular entry to drag on too much,
unwieldy as it already kind of is, but I can’t quite consider this
finished until I add in one more part.

…which I think I’m going to have to add in a few hours, since I just woke up after accidentally falling asleep when “testing out the bed” (yeah, it still works.)

   It…has almost been a full year.

   Well, if I
write everything here, there wouldn’t be enough things to talk with
friends about, mm? So I’ll save whatever else there might be for any
kind of real-time conversation.


One thought on “Remember me? A bit of a catch-up attempt

  1. funny store there, about the hamster….well i could have sworn we asked for a MALE hamster…anyway, so 2 1/2 weeks ago, i was playing with HIM when my mom came up to me  “she looks pregnant…” “mom, dont be a moron. it’s a he so and he’s just being fat”::::::next day:::::i went over to play with him, but he was soooo lazy he wouldnt crawl on top of my hand! i was so confused…so i went to pick it up….and OMG I SAW RED THINGS UNDER IT. i thought it was his guts and my hamster went suicidal! and then….i realized it was baby hamsters and i screamed cause it was kinda freaky…my mom  comes over”…..i told you SHE was pregnant. who’s the moron now?”._. so now i have 8 hamsters….in a freakin class size mini fish tank. that’s seven too many =[

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