Friend: “my lids be falling down ova my eyes.

Hahahaha…I start cracking up when I try to read that line. Something about the way it’s phrased, combined with the person who’s saying it….hahaha. Buuut…not that I’m assuming this friend doesn’t speak like that–that was what prompted the comment’s style in the first place.

I figure if I find a few opportunities to test my new knot-tying skills, that ought to cement them in my head. Hmm, the “clove hitch, sheet bend, tautline hitch, bowline”…almost got those down. Next…writing with the left hand? Hmm.

Hooray for productivity and learning new things, hahaha.

“Make today productive.”

   That was the suggestion and idea for today (well, preferably in general), and for the most part, it wasn’t too bad.

   So today…a bit of reviewing stuff in the freshman year Chinese textbook (one of those moments when you rediscover how much stuff you can forget), watching my mom cook stuff (and trying to learn the super-basics), learning and testing out various kinds of useful knots…hahaha.

   Today wasn’t a total waste…nice.

Interesting past few days. I’m thinking…a few pictures might work. Kinda like what I had/have in mind for that somewhat delayed camping entry.

Chilling with a few friends who worked or still work at Kumon.

^ Mysterious dancing squirrel at the park-ish area near Ridgewood downtown, that might have a limp. While we take pics using cameras or cellphones, this shady foreign fellow – talking quietly into a cellphone on the bench to our right – gives us weird looks.

I dunno what I did during the day, but later at night I went outside and spent a lot of time playing around with the long shutter function on my camera.

^ Solar lamps that aren’t all that bright.

^ The house, now finally with some lights.

^ Shadow pictures! Haha.

While looking for information on setting up a small hiking trip, I went to Barnes and Noble, then later to that tofu place in Fort Lee.

^ Rice!

At Palisades Mall, for some reason or other. While walking near the food court, a bird–one of several that apparently chill in the higher areas of the building–flew down.

Dim sum at place nearby in the morning. Sister has some fun making faces out of cha shao bao, some jiu cai bao, and uh…chun juan…spring roll. Too bad 90% of the stuff at these dim sum places tend to have shrimp …surprise.

^ I do stuff like this too, but this time it’s all my sister’s work.

Later, at this nice park area in Paramus that I’d found out about earlier, I wanted to see where the walking/bike path went, so…exploration.

Riding along on my bike, I see to my left:

^ …a pacifier dangling from a branch.   ._.   …??

Sister and I reach one of the other ends of the path, finding out that we’re at some mysterious “Wild Duck Pond” or something in Ridgewood.

^ Goose crossing.

Eventually we head back, this time with my sister on the bike and me attempting to jog.

This jogging thing works for about 8 minutes, then I switch to walking, so that I can better take in the scenery, and, of course, so I can work on that breathing thing. …yup. That’s one of those signs that says someone needs to exercise more often.

On the path:

Then, almost back at the place we started from, I find a bench that’s a bit off the main path, facing a section of the river that the path runs along, and chill for a while. When I look to my left, I’m surprised to see a squirrel sitting close by, munching on something.

Naturally, I slowly slide out the camera and start taking surreptitious pictures, hoping that my aim isn’t too off. Actually, it worked well. The squirrel was about 4-ish feet away.

^ “Whoa! Why does my favorite bench suddenly look a lot…fatter? I’d say it’s one of those human things, but everyone knows they don’t take nature walks.”

And then:

^ “…huh. Can’t be a human, they can’t sit still like us squirrels. Darn it, what’s that clicking noise? And is that bench grinning?”

Hahaha in that picture it’s so…fat.

There’s a different path in that park, so…next time.