It’s Friday and soon to be Saturday. And in August, no less, hahaha. Time does have a way of sneaking around, sometimes even when you do pay attention.

Heading off to CSC this coming Sunday. I need to pack stuff and plan talent show, which I’m mildly dreading.

Haha, stuff coming up and…mildly excited. I’ve been getting Rutgers notifications of various sorts, ranging from Involvement Fair stuff to club Officer Training, etc.
Haha, and I guess there’s a bit of excitement since a few friends’ll be headed to Rutgers shortly. Along with the bit of excitement is a bit of like…anxiety, maybe. New school year, lots to do.

Actually, I’m looking forwards to getting back into badminton, and hoping that we can up our skills even more. Hoping that the badminton club won’t fail on an epic (or any) kind of scale…though we’ll have to see what happens.

These past days, weeks, always some unstarted entries whirling around in my mind, but I rarely get the inclination to really focus and organize my thoughts and write stuff down.

Heading into work these last few days have been pretty…eh, interesting, I guess. Learning a bunch of stuff, and for a semi-temporary job it’s pretty cool. Even aside from a bit of income, which is always useful, the other stuff I’m trying to pick up might come in handy.

A lot to do, a lot coming up.

Haha, another week or so and we’ll have come full circle. It’s kinda weird, but…hmm. A year’s passed by relatively quickly, and yet so much has changed. I’ll wait some more days and see what things look like at the end of this coming week.

Like last year, even if I don’t know how things will be, it’s sure to be interesting.

strive for discipline.

To get smarter, stronger, better.

To never be a burden, and never, ever, be useless.

and always a bit of thanks to those who doubt or hurt or don’t do their job well, for teaching me.