hmm, I think I’m kinda at a bit of a loss here as to what exactly I need to do and how I need to do it. It’s about 6:30am and I’ve just woken up from a mostly planned nap on the couch. I don’t think I’ve been up at 6am since like…I don’t know. Reminds me of high school, getting up around this time to eat and wait for the bus…thank goodness those days are done.

The “good” thing is that I haven’t been awake until now, but the bad thing is that I think I need to stay awake from now until uh…Thursday night, on account of a midterm and essay, neither of which I’ve made much progress on.

Not keeping up with readings for this Western Traditions/Machiavelli class just might kill me here, I think…and as for the essay, I can toss together a mediocre one in about a day but I don’t think I even have that time. Holy smokes.

Throat felt really sore after waking up, still sore now and I don’t know why. The apartment’s certainly warm enough, I really really hope I’m not getting sick again. I’m drinking a few packets of those “Emergen-C” vitamin things…it says “Super Energy Booster” and I think that’s exactly what I need and will need.

To be done: pick an essay question from the three chioces, for Pol & Culture; and then, outline most of the essays for the Western Trad. poli-sci class.

That ~6hr nap of mine was incredibly needed and welcome, but I’m still tired, just want to sleep.

Just need to start, I guess.

i can’t wait til thursday night, when this is all done…i’ll be in one of two places: badminton courts playing badminton, or my bed, sleeping.

>_< here goes nothing.


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