…studying is not going well.

I’ve been finding all sorts of creative things to do to avoid studying and essay-writing. For example, this might sound familiar:

Trying Hard to Study on a Cold Night.

Whose desk this is I fear I know
His life is likewise cluttered so
Seems half-time mess and yet part-clear
More junk comes fast but cleaning’s slow

My watching friends must think it queer
I walk along some path unclear
I’m not sure what of life to make
Part-lost and searching still, I fear

I give my nodding head a shake
To try and keep myself awake
Alert to sleep is no big leap
But drifting off’s a sure mistake

The bed looks friendly, soft and deep
But I have promises to keep
And hours to go before I sleep
And hours to go before I sleep.

Hahaha…I’m really really bad at this studying thing. Actually shouldn’t be laughing. >_<

back to “studying.” hellllp.


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