well…i was barely at badminton for an hour when the strings on my racquet snapped. going to be about a week before my friend can get it restrung, but at least the racquet’s okay. strange things tend to happen at badminton on sundays…broken glasses, broken racquet, now broken strings.

   Working in groups is something that I’d remember doing a lot in middle school and high school, but once I entered college, I don’t really remember doing much groupwork until a class in last semester, and then now. Last semester the class was Intro to Organizational Leadership, now it’s Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psych.

   Groupwork is always…interesting. I’m still not quite sure whether I prefer to work with other people or alone. There are always things to deal with when it’s mandatory for you to work with other people to get something done. The two classes that I took/am taking, both take into account such things as leadership (especially the Organizational Leadership class), group dynamics, communication, etc, and as a result, members of the group are made more aware of what we as a group do, why we might do it, and how we do these things.

   For these groups, we have final presentations, and now we’re working on one for the I/O psych class. But groups, man…sometimes the same issues keep coming up. One of the issues that I’ve started to realize is my own place in a group–the role(s) that I play best, where I fit in. As a task-oriented person, I’m generally more focused than my teammates, but the problem that I see is when there isn’t someone who wants/is able to take charge, b/c in that case, things tend to gravitate, for whatever reasons, to me. It’s not that I don’t think I’m cut out to “lead” our groups–actually though, sometimes I definitely feel I’m not–but I do think that the groups I’m in as a whole would benefit more with someone else “leading.” I think my optimal role should be more of a “trusted advisor”, for lack of a better term right now, than as the “leader”.

   I don’t know if that’s just b/c sometimes I don’t want to deal with the responsibilities, though. Just earlier in the day when we met at the student center, I caught myself just not wanting to keep interacting for one reason or another. It’s a bit annoying when like…the other members of the group have some ideas that are different from your own when you think a different approach should be taken. Of course, that would be where conflict/resolutions come into play, but sometimes I almost feel like it’s not worth the trouble to bring up something and then try to convince other people that I know what I’m talking about. This form of “arguing”–as in ‘arguing a point’–is indeed a life skill, but still…just a bit annoying.

   I suppose all things considered, I’m relatively lucky that the groups I’m in have been ok, the people for the most part workable. In this group, people are at least eager to try to do the things we’re assigned. But our presentation’s on Tuesday, we’re meeting once more tomorrow night, and we’ve still got a lottt of putting stuff together to do…which I think I need to do at least a bit tonight.

   Thinking a bit about groupwork also spurred some thoughts about groups in general. I was talking with my sister, and she was saying how her group of (high school) friends has changed, that people aren’t the way they used to be; different sorts of drama in group interactions there. I’ve always kinda thought that that sort of drama pretty much happened only to those ppl who’re more “socially connected” or something, and my opinion of that hasn’t really changed toooo much.

   I dunno. No one ever said that people have to be friendly to everyone and be social in general. There are also plenty of people who’re not very social and prefer the company of either silence or a computer screen to that of other people. But I think people fall in-between the two extremes, as the case usually is. I’ve got a friend whom i’ve known a long time, is social and knows a lot of people, and yet sometimes is just quiet, doesn’t interact with people. I’ve known him for long enough that I’d think I should know a bit more about him, but his friends and I just don’t. We’ve come to expect certain behaviors, etc, from him, but we don’t have much insight into what makes him who he is. This whole social and yet not kind of thing, though…I guess I understand that to a degree. I enjoy hanging out with friends, but I also enjoy moments of solitude too. Of course, I’d prefer to be by myself rather than with people who I don’t entirely appreciate the company of, but that’s just me. Maybe I’m too judgmental sometimes, but I think I’m fairly reasonable–just that there are a few characteristics that I just don’t get along with. That’s like my patience/tolerance levels, I think–I’m reasonable, but there are just a few things that quickly trigger strong responses…certain buttons, so to speak.

   Eh. Groupwork, groups…ultimately comes down to people. Excluding all the super-hermits out there, I think we HAVE to deal with people, as irritating as it sometimes definitely is. It’d be nice, maybe, if everyone could just get along, but that’s rarely the case. But i guess that’s life–taking the bad with the good, rolling with the punches, and learning to enjoy the simple but invaluable things like time with the closest friends.

   People…are interesting. I see some people, either interact with them or just observe, and wonder, what it takes to satisfy some of them; wonder if they wonder if what they’re doing will actually satisfy them; wonder, sometimes, about people. what’s so different about a person who i wouldn’t get along with versus someone who i would get along with? there’s the shared values thing, but what else? or need there be anything else?


   People confuse me sometimes.



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