What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the words “current Rutgers mini-crises”? This may surprise some of you, but this time I don’t mean (un)expected tuition hikes or being ruscrewed.

   Earlier this morning we were informed of a water main bursting or something in Franklin township (I assume that’s nearby), meaning that Busch and Livingston campuses would be having water trouble until the issue is fixed.
   We’ve been receiving repeated warnings saying “Please DO NOT drink tap water for at least 24 hours after it is restored”. As if over-chlorinated water wasn’t enough, I found out at like 5:30 on my way to work that the Busch campus center was closing early – normally not a problem, except that I had two meetings scheduled there, one for ROAR at 9 and another for RU Badminton at 10…so then proceeded a long texting/calling session in which we moved the badminton meeting to Rutgers Student Center on College Ave.

   Badminton Club…a bunch of things are keeping us on our toes trying to run the club. Right now, we have to clear up certain account troubles from last year, namely that due to some mistakes by last year’s eboard, we entered this year with a NEGATIVE balance.
   So…instead of just starting almost from scratch, we’re starting negative –“. Hahaha….interesting stuff.
   But it was a productive meeting and if we all do what we’re assigned, we’ll be well on the way to slowly developing the program. Nothing moves forward, though, until we can clear our accounts, so that’s top priority…last year’s president (helping instruct this year) said that last year’s treasurer had some amount of funds, but apparently she hadn’t deposited them. A case of embezzlement…? Haha…we’ll see about that.
   Oh, and one of our board members submitted an email of resignation, which works out because now I won’t need to send her a carefully worded email. So a slot’s opened up, I guess.


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