So tonight at around 10:50pm, almost all the lights suddenly went out during badminton. Apparently there was some kind of power outage…?

We went and got bubble tea, which helped. Maybe smoothies weren’t the best idea in this weather, but still.

I’ve been so tired these last few days.

Earlier today in Comparative Politics class, some guy comes into the auditorium while the professor is lecturing, carrying a few packs of some canned drinks on his shoulder, and loudly says something like, “I’ve got a delivery of Red Bull here for a…[checks a sheet of paper]…_____ ____.” He goes up the aisle and drops off the two big packs of Red Bull and as he’s leaving he’s like, “Sorry professor.”

Professor [stern]: Hey. That…that, is not a good idea.
Guy: Sorry professor. [leaves]
Professor [turns to class]: So sometimes you’ve got to put on your game face. That was my game face. Like sometimes my son* will do something crazy and I just want to laugh, but I have to put on my game face and tell him ‘You can’t do that.’ You guys will understand once you’re an uncle, aunt, mom, dad.

*Prof’s son is around 7 yrs old, Japanese mom and Caucasian dad (I don’t remember which ethnicity but his last name is ‘Peters’).


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