funny how things work sometimes.

so after a massively unsuccessful study attempt at the library (tried to get work done and instead got a few more hours of sleep) i went to the dining hall, and after i’d sat down at some table to eat, a guy i know from badminton came and sat down opposite me. this guy is kind of erratic, both at badminton and in general, and because of that plus some other things he’s more often than not the subject of some jokes. he also happens to be the guy who broke one of my racquets and (in)directly caused the deaths of a few other racquets.

so this guy invites himself into the seat opposite me, which probably isn’t the best idea given my less-than-joyous mood (but if he could take hints he wouldn’t be him i guess), and starts up conversation. or i start up conversation, i don’t remember. whatever it is, we end up having a discussion on various things, some of it centering on what he could do better in badminton and how it transfers over to life in general. it was a pretty friendly chat (we get along well in general anyway), and i guess i’d never met him in an environment where we didn’t have other stuff to focus on. just goes to show, people can be pretty different in different environments.

badminton and life philosophy…ha. while we were talking, he pointed out a thing or two he noticed about me–some things, it’s hard to see unless other people point them out.

walking in the rain to and from the apartment, wished it could’ve washed away troubles.


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