thanksgiving break…has been interesting. not much fanfare at our house, just a late lunch and late dinner, but at least it was together with family. i haven’t had a meal with the whole family in a pretty long time, i think.

looks like tomorrow’s going to be hectic. sister wants to do black friday shopping and i kinda want to head out, so i think we’re waking at some early hour to just…do stuff. i dunno…i just want a laptop, hard drive and piano keyboard, but most of those i’ll probably end up getting online and not at the mall.

also csc reunion is tomorrow, though its location’s been moved, this time to majestic buffet in wayne. man. doesn’t feel too long ago since last reunion.

so i got this fortune cookie a day or so ago that said something like, “you’re heading the right direction.” some higher being has a sense of humor, i see.

time flies so quickly it’s almost surreal.


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