The rollercoaster continues speeding downwards.

By this point, I think I’ve become at least temporarily nocturnal.  My sense of time is also fairly messed up too.

I went to bed at like 12pm-ish to try to take a short ‘nap’…which ended up being an almost uninterrupted 10+ hours of sleep, resulting in me getting out of bed a bit past 10pm, going to grab takeout (which took a good 25min b/c Wednesdays are nuggets/wings night)…and here I am.


Things still seem like…almost like a normal week, just without classes.  And this is obviously bad because it’s not a normal week–it’s finals week.  


Walking to takeout, I was a bit incredulous at myself.  It reminded me of a chat I’d recently had with a good friend, who seems to be in something of a very similar boat…he’d said that sometimes it felt like a dream, and walking through the chill night air, I felt that life at the moment was definitely rather surreal.


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