About half an hour ago…driving along local roads in NY state, heading back home after picking up something for mom, I’m glancing at some directions I’m holding when I look up and see the yellow traffic light yellow turning red. I slow down, but I’m going too quickly to stop. Normally this might be ok, but on my right I see a police car.

I figure I could be in trouble when I see it turn right to follow me. So now I’m driving along, sneaking a glance or two in the rearview mirror, just wondering if or when the police car’s flashing lights will turn on. I don’t know what ended up happening, if the roads that I was following weren’t the best to stop a car or something, or if the officer had a change of heart, or whatever…but after a minute or two (very long minutes), as I was driving on a lane across a reservoir, I saw in my rearview mirror that the police car did an abrubt K-turn in the middle of the road and drive off.

Much afterwards, I wondered if the police car never intended to stop me, but just give me a scare…I guess it worked.

Gotta get back into the college mindset…or in my case, actually get -into- that mindset. This semester, can’t afford any mistakes, haha. I figure I used up the last two years’ supply in this past semester, if not more.


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