So after Monday’s classes, the first week of spring semester 09 classes has finally passed. Some interesting professors…let me try to get something of the feeling of their classes with a mostly accurate quote or two from each of them that I jotted down during our first classes:

Abnormal Psych: older, tenured professor with an interesting take on the field of abnormal psych.
Prof:  “The most difficult things in life are our relationships.” 
             “Have you heard ‘Love means different things to different people‘?  That is the single most destructive lie in the history of the human race.”

Contemporary Chinese Expos: new female teacher, seems fairly knowledgeable and friendly.
Prof [in Chinese]: “Who can give me a sentence using ‘但是’?”
Me: ::raises hand:: “雖然課本很貴,但是我们還必須買。”

Public Policy Formation: old but lively professor with a keen mind.
Prof: “…I’ve been studying politics for ~40 years…I’m not very familiar with technology these days-” 
::text message sound::
Big guy in front: “Thas’ a cellphone.”
Prof: “Oh really? Thanks.”   “Now I just need to figure out how to respond to this…”

Strategies of International Politics: middle-aged guy with a very dry sense of humor.


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