So when Chris and I went to play badminton this past Thursday, 1/29, there were a few amazing badminton moments, the best few being when we were playing a few games with Shelby, King, and this other guy.

Each of the three games ended in some wacky way: the first one I think I ended with a jump smash; the second one, my partner, who was kind of off that game, hit the birdie out on the final point; and in the final game, Chris and I were playing against Shelby and King, and when it was us 20 and them something, Chris was in front and tried to smash but missed, and me, who was standing behind him, said “What?!” and swung an upward backhand at the birdie…to everyone’s surprise, the birdie bounced of some part of my racquet’s frame, flew a foot or so above the net, and landed on our opponent’s side, winning us the game. Chris then fell to the floor laughing.

Hahaha…we’ll remember that last one, definitely.


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