So, this QuickPress thing on the wordpress dashboard is pretty handy…I’ve definitely been using it to jot a few things down.

So today…slept on and off at the AM times, went to Abnormal Psych. I’m hoping that it went ok and that I more than passed.
Calc was terrible, it was a review for our midterm this Thursday and I kept dozing off…not a surprise given how much sleep I didn’t have.
Then Public Policy…argh. Tried to study before class started, ended up dozing…the quiz/exam was 6 short-answer questions, of which I was able to answer something like 2 and 1/4.

All of this adding onto missing Monday’s exam.

Yikes. to say the least.

so i’ve set up an appointment with an Academic services dean as per the email reminder…will be meeting with a dean this Monday.

it’s weird, I’m staying on top of certain things, sometimes, and yet so so dropping the ball on other things.


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