i think maybe i have trouble with fun, in that i don’t know when is enough. but then that would mean that i don’t really have a good understanding of things in moderation…kinda leading back to lack of self-discipline.
huh. and i thought i might’ve figured something out, but instead it seems like it was more a symptom than the source.

basically the “sleep earlier” plan failed miserably over these last two/three nights. right now it’s 8:03am and unlike this past Wednesday, it’s not because I actually woke up before 8. yeah. chilling with gabe and chris is mad fun but so bad for me. basically, i need to have all my work done before i head there to chill.

oh man. i hope i can do some useful things over spring break and also, i dunno, “stay in shape” or get in better shape. Tri-tournament with UPenn is coming up very quickly and we only have one real practice left due to break and Rutgers’ scheduling.

ok i need to finish my Chinese essay. 8:05am.


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