kinda strange that spring break is already over and i’m back at Rutgers again. Break passed by mad quickly, but I guess that means I had fun, which…I did, for the most part.

when i think about it a little bit, some things just -feel- a bit out of wack…things aren’t quite right, i guess. i think i’m going to withdraw from this one class, and that means i have to, absolutely need to do well in the other ones. i’m not too worried about two of the remaining four, but two others…yeesh. i need to…haha. i need to do a lot.

the best friend just started -his- spring break, he came back on saturday night and we had a chance to grab a quick lunch on sunday, chat a bit, which is always nice. later that night i met up with some old friends to celebrate j’s 19th birthday, eating dinner at the Red Lobster on rt. 17, then heading over to her house and chilling a bit. haha, did some things there, we helped her out with some interesting thing, and then due to some combination of things most of us didn’t head off till somewhat late-ish, definitely around 11:30pm if not later. i drove another friend back to her house, chatted at her place a bit, and then drove back home at around 3am-ish. so i guess the chat might’ve been more than a bit, but i think it was time well spent. i do hope that it helped.

on the whole, break was really nice. i didn’t do too much more than hanging out with friends, eating at places, spending money, and driving around, but i think the whole hanging out with friends whom i appreciate definitely made the whole week pretty worthwhile, despite the countless hours spent on public transportation to, fro, and in NYC.

the chat with the friend got me to (re)thinking about some things, and i guess made me look at myself (yet again) to try to, i dunno, see if there’s anything i can do to fix myself by myself.

i guess like i might’ve mentioned in the last “quickpress” thing, that there were a few parts of the conversation that made more of an impression, or stuck more deeply to me…i still wonder. hard to say what “normal” in a relationship is, i guess.

mm oh well. lots of things to hope about, i guess. i remember at one point while driving late night yesterday (maybe already early Sunday morning at this point), that I looked up at the night sky and saw the stars. it’s so nice, and i’m so glad that with glasses, or contacts or whatever, that i can see them every so often.

break was nice.



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