so…the trip to UPenn in Philadelphia was pretty fun. we didn’t do so great against their teams–i think we actually only won one of all the games we played–but generally it was pretty fun.

after playing the main matches we launched into some exhibition matches, which didn’t really count in terms of the IBA. during those, half of us left earlier, and then afterwards the remainder of us headed off to get something to eat.

while we were looking for a place, it suddenly started hailing and raining, and we ran out of Chris’ car to grab clothes from the back. i went to the trunk but one of our other team members, who didn’t see me in the hail, tried to close the trunk, which hit my head. luckily all i have now is a bump on the end.

so eventually after some fruitless searching we just ate some “chinese” food, then headed back. on the way back i closed my eyes…and passed out in like a minute, and didn’t wake up til we’d returned to Rutgers.


i’m so pumped to improve in badminton right now b/c i’m so annoyed at how we did at upenn. so many stupid mistakes, so many things we need to improve, to fix, to learn…so much room for improvement.

well, we’ll see what we can do.


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