Rutgers Day


So yesterday was the first annual Rutgers Day at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.  Basically for students like myself, it involved a lot of waking up early, carrying lots of things (because I’m not in possession of a vehicle), standing out in the sun, and…basically, it was a long day.

But this isn’t to say that the day wasn’t fun or a success or anything.  I think for the most part, the parts of the event that I saw went quite well.  The weather was beautiful–in fact, I think that yesterday was the best weather in the year to date, which contributed to the large turnout.  There were so many things going on around all the different campuses, and even in our little sphere on the fields opposite Werblin, there was a good amount of activity.

We basically had two nets and painted lines on the grass, but the thing was…you can’t really play badminton outside if there is any wind at all, and yesterday there was a lot of wind.  I was a bit annoyed, but I know that all things considered, things were the best they could’ve been given our conditions.  At least the weather was beautiful, haha, even if on one side of the net a person only needed to lightly tap the birdie, and on the other side of the net the opponent needed to scramble and then hit the birdie with all their strength…and sometimes the birdie wouldn’t even make it over the net.  Oh well.

After we cleaned up around 3:45pm or so, Chris and I went to do different things–he and Cassie went back to their place and I went to go help the ROAR table put stuff away.  That ended up with me doing heavy lifting, then dropping the badminton gear back at my apartment, and then going to find my cousins, who’d dropped by earlier (I’d attempted to try the bus system to get to College Ave), and then heading back to my apartment with them to meet my dad.  Then came a Wii session in which I was introducing Catherine and Winnie as to how to play the Wii (they tried bowling and boxing), and then we went to eat dinner at the same Korean BBQ place that Dad and I went to last time.  Mad good food, but I was apparently so tired that I dozed on the way there.

For those of you familiar with my (non)sleeping tendencies, you’re probably a bit confused or surprised as to why the time at the start of this post says 8:56am, but this time it wasn’t because I’ve stayed up all night, haha.  I was dropped back at the apartment after dinner and after a quick shower, I attempted to do some stuff on the computer, but that didn’t work since I was dozing after a few minutes, so eventually I hopped in bed…and that was it for the next ~12 hours, hahaha.

Going to bed for some time before 9pm…I think that might be some kind of record for me, haha.

Well, the plan for today is only the casual badminton competition with Lafayette from around 3-6.  We’ll see what happens there.

oh, again?

it’s always gotta be about someone else, huh? always think you’re being blamed?

why don’t you realize that this problem of yours is what causes a whole lot of other problems?

want to dance

i wish i knew how to dance, hahaha…all dances. salsa. cha-cha. break-dancing. anything.

when i get the chance…i really want to do it.


i just wanted to quickly jot down some thoughts while they’re fresh.

i was just on facebook, mostly adding a new photo album, and on my homepage i noticed a friend’s updated status message and so i went and looked at that friend’s page. flicked down the wall and saw some posts by a person who that friend had once told me was one of her closest friends. from what i remember, the gist of what he’d said was basically that she’d changed a lot and that she wasn’t familiar anymore.

it just struck me as very…i dunno, as something that made me feel strongly. i guess in some way it made me feel a little better, at least in the way that i wasn’t the only one who thought that there was some kind of change with her…just like, if one of her closest friends thinks that she’s become mad different, then it probably wasn’t just in my mind.
another thing, is this part of what he said, that he tended to dwell on the past and wished that she wouldn’t change even though people do.

i just feel like i get where he’s coming from in some ways.


It seems that lately, all my life

Is frenzied day and sleepless night

Since all I do is act the fool

Is there a point to doing school?

People ask me how I fare

But honestly, how many care?

Truth be told, not all is well

All I think is f-m-l.

current music and mood

it’s strange…judging from the music i’m listening to now, i must be in something of a different mood than i’ve been in recently.

some mix of…i dunno. feeling a little somber, tiny bit physically tired, good amount of mental fatigue.

i keep on putting on the same songs as i’m finishing up this logo…bu de bu ai, happy ending, di yi ci, finale b, unfettered sigh.

i dunno.

i’m rushing to finish this logo thing now.

wondering how she’s changed and why. wondering how i’ve changed since college. wondering if there’s been any good out of it.

just want to sleep right now, but i’m like overheating right now…weird.

china nite xiv…long day

so today is the morning–almost 9am, to be precise–of 4/20, but China Nite XIV was yesterday night.  As with last year, I went to help volunteer, but there were a few differences this time.  First, the event was held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown New Brunswick, as opposed to being in a student center (which were booked), so it was more of a trip to get there.  The other thing was that we had to get up so early in the morning…”only” at like 8am but it really didn’t help that we had our badminton tournament with Drexel and Princeton just the previous day.  Holy smokes now that I think about it, it already seems so far away, but it was really just two days ago.

Yesterday was such a long day.  I only got around 4 hours of sleep before needing to get up, and though Caspar was supposed to pick me and Vin up, I didn’t get his call (apparently cellphone service can be semi-spotty around these apartments, even for AT&T/Cingular customers, though there’s usually no issue)…and so basically Vin and I dragged ourselves to the campus center and waited for an L bus.  Vin was dozing the whole time, and I was basically sure that if I let myself pass out, it’d be over, so I tried to stay awake until the Scott Hall stop, where we got off and then walked to the Hyatt.

ok I want to cut this shorter since I need to finish something.  Basically, we helped with a bunch of things, everything from me and three girls heading to the nearby Dunkin’ Donuts and getting $70 worth of food, later transporting an 8-ft beam of wood diagonally inside a normal car (that was interesting)…yeah.  Problem was, it was so early that everyone was mad tired…we originally started off with a bunch of volunteers, but after a few hours some had left (understandably, honestly), and there was one point where the models/ppl were doing their dress rehearsal and there was pretty much nothing left to set up and still ~2+ hours till doors opened at 6:30ish, so there was too much downtime.  I don’t mind free time, but like…there wasn’t really anything to do, it was a bit chilly in the room, and most of all I was dead tired.  I ended up dozing on and off a bit til at some point I went with some people to grab dinner at Noodle Gourmet.  We ate leisurely, went back, eventually the doors opened, we helped direct people, then finally the show started, an hour behind schedule or something like that.

The show was pretty cool.  Vin and I were standing for the first part, then after intermission we sat down in some seats by the left side, which gave us a partially obstructed view.  We ended up watching most of the show, but near the end, man…basically I was dozing in and out, and both Vin and I passed out for the last like…probably 10 minutes, maybe more, of the show.  Soooo tired.  Well, I know I woke up basically as the show was ending, so I basically woke up and started clapping, haha.  Then we helped clean up, and finally Vin and I ended up walking to Paulie’s to get a few dollar slices, and then to the bus stop, where we hopped onto first an L weekend and then an A weekend to get back to Busch.  After dropping by the campus center and then to Minru’s for a moment, I went back to the apartment, uploaded the few vids and pics I had, then lay down on the bed…and it was over until 8am or something, which at this point is about an hour ago.

i need to finish and send the ROAR logo.  arghhhh not good.

at least i’m awake-ish now, but i’m starting to want to get a bit more sleep.

late-night running

The day started off innocently enough, with the usual few quirks, and it wasn’t till I’d gotten back to the apartment at sometime after 12 at night, and was in the middle of enjoying a bowl of ramen, that Ahmedul returned with two friends of his. I went to see who was there and what was happening, and as it turned out, it was Anna and Nitty. I was surprised to hear that they were going jogging, of all things, at that late hour, but they asked if I wanted to join them, and so…I said sure.

Haha, so I ended up jogging with the three of them to the track opposite Werblin, and then we jogged/ran laps (I think that track is 3/4 mile or something) for around 30-40min before heading back.

Haha, I’ve had urges to go running, especially in the middle of the night, but the last time I went running was also spontaneous, last semester, 9/11, after class, when I was feeling like I needed to let out some steam, and then I was surprised by a surprise birthday mini-party. It was good to get in some running, but my quads have been muttering ever since I stopped running, and I’ve got the sneaking suspicion that they’re muttering something about how I’ll really feel it…when I get out of bed later today.

Haha oh well. I’m going to do a few things and then try to get to sleep earlier-ish.


preferably happier

i’ve decided, at this moment, at least, that i’d really prefer to be less stressed, a bit more forgiving, and generally happier.

haha maybe i’m just short on sleep.