The day started off innocently enough, with the usual few quirks, and it wasn’t till I’d gotten back to the apartment at sometime after 12 at night, and was in the middle of enjoying a bowl of ramen, that Ahmedul returned with two friends of his. I went to see who was there and what was happening, and as it turned out, it was Anna and Nitty. I was surprised to hear that they were going jogging, of all things, at that late hour, but they asked if I wanted to join them, and so…I said sure.

Haha, so I ended up jogging with the three of them to the track opposite Werblin, and then we jogged/ran laps (I think that track is 3/4 mile or something) for around 30-40min before heading back.

Haha, I’ve had urges to go running, especially in the middle of the night, but the last time I went running was also spontaneous, last semester, 9/11, after class, when I was feeling like I needed to let out some steam, and then I was surprised by a surprise birthday mini-party. It was good to get in some running, but my quads have been muttering ever since I stopped running, and I’ve got the sneaking suspicion that they’re muttering something about how I’ll really feel it…when I get out of bed later today.

Haha oh well. I’m going to do a few things and then try to get to sleep earlier-ish.



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