i just wanted to quickly jot down some thoughts while they’re fresh.

i was just on facebook, mostly adding a new photo album, and on my homepage i noticed a friend’s updated status message and so i went and looked at that friend’s page. flicked down the wall and saw some posts by a person who that friend had once told me was one of her closest friends. from what i remember, the gist of what he’d said was basically that she’d changed a lot and that she wasn’t familiar anymore.

it just struck me as very…i dunno, as something that made me feel strongly. i guess in some way it made me feel a little better, at least in the way that i wasn’t the only one who thought that there was some kind of change with her…just like, if one of her closest friends thinks that she’s become mad different, then it probably wasn’t just in my mind.
another thing, is this part of what he said, that he tended to dwell on the past and wished that she wouldn’t change even though people do.

i just feel like i get where he’s coming from in some ways.


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