So yesterday was the first annual Rutgers Day at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.  Basically for students like myself, it involved a lot of waking up early, carrying lots of things (because I’m not in possession of a vehicle), standing out in the sun, and…basically, it was a long day.

But this isn’t to say that the day wasn’t fun or a success or anything.  I think for the most part, the parts of the event that I saw went quite well.  The weather was beautiful–in fact, I think that yesterday was the best weather in the year to date, which contributed to the large turnout.  There were so many things going on around all the different campuses, and even in our little sphere on the fields opposite Werblin, there was a good amount of activity.

We basically had two nets and painted lines on the grass, but the thing was…you can’t really play badminton outside if there is any wind at all, and yesterday there was a lot of wind.  I was a bit annoyed, but I know that all things considered, things were the best they could’ve been given our conditions.  At least the weather was beautiful, haha, even if on one side of the net a person only needed to lightly tap the birdie, and on the other side of the net the opponent needed to scramble and then hit the birdie with all their strength…and sometimes the birdie wouldn’t even make it over the net.  Oh well.

After we cleaned up around 3:45pm or so, Chris and I went to do different things–he and Cassie went back to their place and I went to go help the ROAR table put stuff away.  That ended up with me doing heavy lifting, then dropping the badminton gear back at my apartment, and then going to find my cousins, who’d dropped by earlier (I’d attempted to try the bus system to get to College Ave), and then heading back to my apartment with them to meet my dad.  Then came a Wii session in which I was introducing Catherine and Winnie as to how to play the Wii (they tried bowling and boxing), and then we went to eat dinner at the same Korean BBQ place that Dad and I went to last time.  Mad good food, but I was apparently so tired that I dozed on the way there.

For those of you familiar with my (non)sleeping tendencies, you’re probably a bit confused or surprised as to why the time at the start of this post says 8:56am, but this time it wasn’t because I’ve stayed up all night, haha.  I was dropped back at the apartment after dinner and after a quick shower, I attempted to do some stuff on the computer, but that didn’t work since I was dozing after a few minutes, so eventually I hopped in bed…and that was it for the next ~12 hours, hahaha.

Going to bed for some time before 9pm…I think that might be some kind of record for me, haha.

Well, the plan for today is only the casual badminton competition with Lafayette from around 3-6.  We’ll see what happens there.


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