The past few days have passed by quickly, as lately all days seem to do. Friday…had a mini oral presentation in Chinese class, then later was our last badminton practice of the semester. My other three roommates had been planning to have a party to celebrate a few things (also, Friday was Rutgersfest, which many students take as an excuse to drink more than usual), and after I got back from badminton, some people were already in our apartment.

Basically…I took a quick shower and then packed up a few of my things, then met with Preston and headed to the campus center to grab some food. Then we headed to Metzger and I chilled there for the next 4 hours or so, learned the basics of how to play Settlers of Catan and Little Big Planet, then headed back to the apartment at around 4 or 5am.

Opened the door, got in, and the first thing I see is DK passed out on the couch in the living room. Ok. So I peek into the other bedroom and see Ashok asleep and some random black guy also asleep on the couch that they’d moved into the room. I go into our room and am about to turn on the lights when I hear the breathing sound of someone sleeping. Naturally this confuses me a bit because DK is outside and I’m there and awake, so I turn on the lights. Surprise. Ahmedul’s sleeping on my bed. And some things of mine are tossed around, my table’s messy, and a few cans of my iced tea are open and lying around. I’d been a bit tired before, but I was instantly furious. A few minutes later, Ahmedul woke up and eventually stumbled over to his own room. I was ticked off as hell and pacing around the apartment for a while before I decided to try sleeping to cool my nerves a bit.

Eventually went to sleep on my bed. Woke up at around 11:50am and was instantly mad again after seeing the state of our room. Eventually I headed out because the ROAR board was having a lunch over at Harvest Moon, but I was late because the next weekend L bus wasn’t arriving for another good 25ish minutes. I head for the campus center and as I’m waiting for the bus, I bump into Elisa, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, so we chat and then the bus arrives, turns out she’s headed in the CA direction as well, so we chat on the bus. I was pretty glad, actually, that I’d bumped into her, because some of the stories she was telling me after I explained to her about the disaster in our apartment were pretty interesting and even made me laugh, and I think I really needed to not just get out and away from the apartment but also time to cool off and a bit of time to vent, and Elisa’s stories about her horseback-riding trainer who is a former Black Panther with interest only in “horses, dogs and guns”, and how that teacher ran a camp like a boot camp (they apparently had to wake at 4 in the morning to run a mile in upstate NY, then shovel horse manure…all sorts of intense things)…hahaha. The stories helped take my mind off things and I guess kept my anger from just building up…not that it needed any building up at all at that point.

Well, yeah. Eventually we arrive on CA, I head to Harvest Moon, after eating a tasty lunch, Sana and I head to the campus center to fill out a few administrative things for ROAR, then I meet up with Chris and Gabe and co, eventually end up heading to their place to chill…and that’s where we stayed for the rest of the night into the early morning. Haha, Preston came a bit later and he ended up staying with us.
Sunday…we got up sometime in the afternoon, eventually came back to Busch to grab brunch/lunch, then Preston had to head back and I went back to 123 Somerset for another few hours.

Yeah…quite a weekend. Saturday was Eric’s birthday! I called him at a few minutes after 12 on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but luckily over in Illinois it was still 11, so I chatted with him a while. Good to hear that things seem to be well and the same with him.

I definitely have rarely ever been so mad…and I’m considering a few things already. I’m definitely considering looking into seeing if I can switch housing next year. I don’t know what I’d do, but I’m not at all sure I really want to room with that one and his friend’s next semester, especially given the fallout from the party they held this past Friday.

Oh yeah…last Wednesday, I think it was, my dog tag from disappeared.  I’m sure I was wearing it to the gym and that I took it off and put it into my pocket while I was playing badminton, but I noticed it missing after I got back to the apartment.  I’ve been annoyed about that, but I just went and placed an order for another one (luckily the same discount coupon is still in effect–that’s one good thing).  When I’m done tweaking designs for another similar design, I’ll try to place another order and hope that the coupon code is still good, haha.

Nothing’s quite easy, haha.


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