Well, it’s been an interesting few days.

Friday, basically chilled w/Preston–grabbed lunch, then went to his hometown of Parsippany and helped their high school set up for a badminton tournament that was to be held later in the day.

Haha, we went to Home Depot and bought 9 rolls of masking tape, then Preston and I were basically responsible for setting up…well, pretty much everything. We’d looked up the dimensions of a badminton court, and after we returned to his school we went and measured things out in as close a manner as we could. Basically we spent around 1 and 1/2 hours or so taping down lines with masking tape…haha the whole experience was interesting.

The whole time, I was wondering how exactly Preston’s friend was going to do things if Preston and I hadn’t shown up to help…it didn’t seem like that guy had any solid idea of what he was going to do. Oh well.

During the tournament…it was so-so. Preston and I figured we wouldn’t play too hard unless our opponents were actually ok, so we generally didn’t have too much trouble, although we did lose one match. In the semi-finals, we lost to our opponents, who were one of the more decent teams there (seeing as how they’d survived to the semi finals). Earlier, we’d been wondering how we could win without it seeming kind of unfair…but the fact that we lost actually solved that problem. In retrospect, I was glad–a bit–that we hadn’t won, just because I definitely thought it was fitting that the two teams playing each other for the title were both from their high school. The semi-final that we lost would’ve gone differently if we’d been playing all-out…but then, that would’ve been kind of wack. So it all worked out okay.

Afterwards we chilled at Preston’s house, which was pretty cool. We ended up doing a few things, most interesting of which included playing Tower Defense (multiplayer!) on Wii for more than 2hrs hahaha…and also Preston showed me this cool card game called Munchkins that was basically like a humorous RPG in card game form. We ended up going to sleep mad late, woke up later than we’d wanted at like 3pm, but still headed back to Rutgers and did a few things.

Dad came that same day and picked me up after I did a good amount of packing. Now I’m at home, and I’m heading back tomorrow (technically it’s later today now). I’m planning on catching the 11am train, so if I can wake up…I’ll be back on the banks by around 1 or so.

Gotta hand in a few forms, some money, etc, and then…we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I can play some badminton before finals are over–I’ll call Werblin tmrw morning.

Til later.


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