Interesting sort of adventure yesterday night/early this morning.

So yesterday night I decided I wanted to go see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  I looked up movie times, decided I’d head to Palisades mall to catch the 9:50pm showing.  Drove to the mall and made my way to the theaters.  The movie started at around 10pm, and wrapped up at about 12:40am (relatively good movie, compared to the other ones at least). 

I went home, then noticed I couldn’t find my cellphone. Spent about 10ish minutes searching my room and the car, decided that it had to be back at the theater, then grabbed my mom’s cellphone and rushed back to the mall.

While driving, I called a friend whose # I remembered to ask about the latest movie time, and basically…I was cutting it close if I even had a chance.  Well, arrived at the mall. Ran in (doors were still unlocked though all other stores were closed), ran up four flights of escalators (some moving, others still), jogged to the theater, then realized I was going to have a  problem getting in, what with the closed one-way doors.  Seeing as how on my way in a few ppl were leaving, I figured I might have a chance if there were some stragglers…and luckily two ppl came out, I slipped in, prepared to explain why I was entering the theater at somewhat past 1am.  I wasn’t intercepted, so I walked to theater 2, called my phone, and heard it vibrating somewhere. Turns out it had fallen from my pocket (or so I assume) and lodged itself on the right of my chair, keeping the chair from closing.

I laughed to myself, took a picture, and made a mental note to check for my cellphone after any movie in the future.  Whew.


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