i’m pretty sure that the more whimsical part of my personality starts becoming obvious when i’m tired.  for instance, i start getting urges to say (or write) things in a manner that i usually don’t.  or including semi-random phrases/sounds/whatever into things i’m writing.  i had a strong urge to start this post with the word “whee.”

i went to sleep earlier than usual last night, at somewhat after midnight, and early in the morning my little cousin, who routinely gets up around 6am, toddled over to the couch where i was sleeping and somehow woke me up.  he first offered me my little tube of toothpaste, then my glasses, then my ipod, and after i sleepily accepted them and thanked him (and put it all back where it was before–on the couch right next to me), he gave it all back to me again.  funny kid, that one.  and so i was up much much earlier than normal.

now it’s about 11pm. i need to make sure i sleep by 12 again, just in case of another early-morning wake-up call like earlier today.

i wanted to write about something.  but it’s slipped my mind.  perhaps later then. woohooarggoodnight.


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