Such a tiring day.

Friday had badminton practice, packed courts again.

Afterwards, went to chill in McCormick, ended up heading to CAC to grab bubble tea, got frozen yogurt and bubble tea, returned and did a few things including’s letter blox, etc. eventually shifted into the lounge where we played scattergories for a long while, then i taught how to play munchkin booty. so we embarked on a pretty interesting game, which we played almost to a conclusion (most of us at lvl 9) but then we noticed it was almost 6am…which was the time that Peter had said he was going to pick me up.

So I threw some stuff together and ran/fast-walked to Richardson, tossed some stuff into my bag, met Peter, drove to BCC to wait for some ppl, then headed to Wawa to grab breakfast, then to Lake Mercer, where we arrived late.

then basically…i was one of the people helping on one of the docks, so we helped people load and unload themselves before and after a race.

so many hours. at the end of it all, the CSO volunteers got into a dragonboat and we were given a crash course in dragonboating. pretty interesting, but super tiring.

finally after that, we got out of the boat very wet, rather cold, and super hungry. so most of us went to eat at a sushi restaurant in Princeton that begins with a ‘K’, has like a sushi buffet kind of thing for $20. sooo tasty.

then finally driven back to Richardson, arrived at like 10:30 or so. took quick shower. doing a few last minute things.

and then i’m going to turn in for the night.


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