my trip over to CA to visit Gabe and Chris didn’t help at all. dunno what I expected, but Gabe was mostly busy w/gf. Chris and I chatted a bit, checked out new Magic cards, but I really wasn’t feeling it. Don’t know if I ever will again.

Don’t know exactly what’s changed over the summer, but 123 Somerset hasn’t held the same appeal that it had last year. I guess…I changed. What I was looking to get changed. I def like hanging out with the two, but…iuno.

During downtime on the buses today, was thinking. Wondering if maybe the lesson I’m supposed to be learning might have to do with getting my head out of the clouds and start trying–trying hard–to figure out my future.

But right now. Can’t focus very well. I just…want closure. I just want to know what happened, what’s wrong, what went wrong…whatever created this nightmare scenario.


going to go to the track in front of Werblin for a jog in the rain, and hope that i can get a bit of perspective.


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