I think I write more entries during times when I’m “feeling” more strongly. Usually that means when I’m stressed, I think, but I thought I also write certain times when things are really well…buuuut now that I pause to think about it, I can’t actually recall a specific example of an entry where I was specifically happy. I think that’s more because I’m a bit tired and it’s late (4am now) rather than because there aren’t any examples, though.

So yeah, more entries at certain times. I think that certainly holds true right now, seeing as how there are like…at least 3 posts written in the AM time of today, and at least one or two that I tapped out yesterday night/early morning.

I’ve got to get to sleep, but I wanted to write this last short-ish post before attempting to turn in for the night, just to kinda…well, I’m not sure.

I think I wanted to write this to just say that I’m glad that at least a friend does kind of understand where I’m coming from with regards to this certain situation right now. As Epicurus’ quote that I have on my FB page says, “It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.” And I think having even one person to sympathize and offer input really helps. Even more so because there aren’t all that many people who I’d actually turn to for input…I tend to believe in my own ability to deal with most things. So I was relieved a little bit when this friend, who knows both of us, was able to offer a bit of input.

I guess that’s done for now. More, I think, will come later, if and when more things happen or don’t happen.

nothing to be done but just hope for the best.


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