wtf. roommate just came back in with some loud girl. with white castle. loud, annoying, stupid as hellllll.

hahaha. what. the. #*)*%.

they keep saying stuff. i’d prefer not to judge or w/e (…out loud, at least…) but i’m not feeling too gracious right now. b/c i think with every sentence i hear i feel my IQ dropping.

sitting on my bed, in my room, i’m actually kinda cracking up b/c this is so stupid.

get the hell out of the room.
now the guitar is picked up. more stupid stuff is said. loud, still. random off-key strumming.

it really doesn’t help that at the same time, i’m finding out that i seem to be on the receiving end of the silent treatment, with no idea why.

feeling violently amused. also deeply…sad. what a weird feeling.

what a terrible way to start off a saturday.


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