right now i need to not think about anything outside of schoolwork, because otherwise the day will take forever to pass. yeah. all 7 hours left in it. you could also keep writing clever blog entries to pretend you’re being productive.

right now i’m glad no one else is in the apartment, because i want to study in solitude and quiet. don’t you prefer studying with pleasant company…oh yeah that’s a problem huh?

right now i need to read and study macroeconomics, because otherwise i’m going to fail the exam on tuesday. ah, captain obvious strikes again.

right now i’m feeling pretty bad, because i’m behind on macro, because i’m unclear about my future, because i lack focus, and mostly because  i care a bit too much. oh grow the @#*% up. it’s one of those learning experiences that you tell yourself you’re looking for. didn’t you say you wanted to broaden your horizons, push your own boundaries? you already know it matters because of how it’s affected you. you were content for a while, but what did you expect?

arguing against myself is wack and ironically amusing at the same time. your irrational self is just stupid. good, you can still feel amused–must mean that you’re ok.

hahahahaha. almost have this kind of procrastination turned into an art form.


kinda hard focusing on the now. i want to go jog again at night, but i’m still sore from yesterday.

ready. set. *sighh*. let’s do this.


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