roommate’s passed out on his bed with study materials on his chest.

i have a pretty strong inclination to do the same, except that i’ve got emails to look up, write and send.

also have this matter of a midterm i should’ve started studying for two week ago.

tonight’s going to be pretty bad haha. after midterm, have another class that’s going to be impossible to stay awake in, then gotta grab dinner, head to ROAR meeting, and still have verse|one practice to 12. i’m guessing that i’m going to come back to the apartment and pass out immediately.

haha. one thing at a time. otherwise i won’t make it through the day, never mind the rest of the year.

at this point my body’s feeling weird, the way it does when i stay up overnight–some kind of almost queasy feeling, warning that something’s not quite right. feeling tired enough that i don’t even feel the same mild melancholy that i was feeling before, though that might also be due to reading a few passages of a book and being inspired.

come on, life. i’ll try to do better.


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