walking back to the apartment after dinner w/vin, we bumped into bilal, who was walking the same way while we passed through the campus center, so he joined us.

as we walked, i found some strange humor in the situation. bilal was trying to make conversation–or actually, he was probably just talking the way that he normally does, without regard for whether his present company wanted talk or not (it’s possible that he just doesn’t notice, i think). vin didn’t speak more than i think five words the whole walk, and at first i held a short mental debate with myself over whether or not to talk or continue conversation.

then i wondered…wasn’t this kind of familiar? where someone was saying something, and the other side wasn’t responding? where the other side, for whatever reason, decides a response isn’t necessary? where through silence or an air of apathy makes a vague statement of, well…”don’t really care about what you’re saying”, aka “your thoughts/opinion/company don’t matter to me.”

so i figured despite not really wanting much conversation, that i didn’t want to be…whatever you’d call the kind of person who leaves another one hanging. so i conversed a bit.

and as we walked, i partly talked and partly wondered what the three of us might look like to the outside observer.

such a mix of irony, humor, disgust, sadness.


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