5:30pm now. after getting back to apartment at ~2:30 after lunch, decided to take a nap in the living room since even though the roommate was still sleeping, the room reeked of something. so set up laptop on living room table, and tried to sleep on one of our couches, sitting up. at around 3:10, i wake up, decide not to go to class and instead sleep, and so i sleep for another 2 hrs til about now.

feeling tired and…something else right now, i think, not sure what. i remember some bits of the dreams i had.

right now i’ve forgotten some already but the part i remember is i suppose more vivid, or at least more…relevant. the part i remember starts where i’m sitting in some place talking with k, when suddenly she leans over to whisper something, something quick and in a low voice that i didn’t hear and then yells “fire drill!” as the fire alarms simultaneously go off. so we jump up to evacuate the building or wherever, and as we’re leaving i’m asking her what she said or something. somehow we “evacuate” into something like the lower floor of mccormick suites or something, yet that somehow is like an (asian?) supermarket with open baskets like they’d use to display vegetables, but instead were filled with a variety of boiling cup noodles of what i assume were different flavors. i remember testing out or at least smelling one reddish-looking one, which even in my dream seemed really good. and the whole time i’m asking her what she’d said.

i don’t know if i’m actually messing up the order of these dream sequences…at some point she asked if i wouldn’t mind if she joined her roommate instead for something, so that things wouldn’t be awkward.

gee so easy to forget parts of dream sequences. still, the parts remembered…hmm.

it’s 6 now. still feeling tired, don’t know what to do. nap round 2? badminton for a bit? dinner? 3 hrs remaining before verseone.


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