in a word: “busier”….busier than normal due to all the events that are taking place this week.

today, have to get up super early to catch a train to newark penn station, attending the Corzine ’09 Pre-Performance–doing lion/dragon dance, appearance by President Obama too. i plan to get to Newark earlier, study in a nearby Starbucks before arrival time.

then, got to head back to RU, do more studying, then serious dance practice 7-12. prob go back to apt, shower sleep.

mon: nothing yet, aka study.
tues: more serious dance practice.
wed: reach out and read’s Rock & Read, meaning i’ll miss most of dance practice i think.
thurs: competing in tasa freestyle (BCC MPR) with verse|one. thennnn regular practice after hahaha.
fri: prob another dance practice b/c still two more shows…meaning i’ll need to miss badminton :/
sat: taking the hsk advanced chinese test, which i’m not ready for. then verse|one at CSO CARES, BCC MPR.
sun: verse|one asian gala 09, RSC MPR.

after this week most of verse|one’s performances for this semester are done, so practices will be more laid back.


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