i arrived in Newark a little after 8:30am, after catching the 7:59 train from New Brunswick. I found a McDonald’s and grabbed breakfast there while waiting for 9:30, our planned arrival time at Prudential Center.

Cut this shorter since I’m tired…the day was long. Interesting points were seeing President Obama, the Secret Service. Lot of waiting, but we performed at around 1:30pm, then did a lot of standing around.

i was going to write more but not only should i sleep earlier (got like 3 and a half hours last night), i’m annoyed by my roommate on the phone w/his gf at 2:38am. he’d passed out on his bed, actually, and i was enjoying the quiet. grrrr.

had some thoughts i wanted to write, about newark, about some people, etc. but that’ll have to wait, i guess.


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