today, after getting brunch with a few friends, went to play badminton for quite a while…haven’t played for such a long period of time haha, but it felt pretty good.

woke up sore from “ab ripper x” that a friend showed me hahaha…very interesting.

so after badminton it was around 5:45, then through a turn of events it looked like i’d be able to make it to Carlo’s bday celebration, so i headed to the BSC and got a ride from another verse|one friend.

at Carlo’s house in old bridge, it was fun, w/plenty of food and interesting things to do like karaoke or rockband. eventually the pacquiao vs cotto fight came on so we all watched that. first time i watched a whole boxing match…intense haha.

it’s been an interesting day as always. now, need to wake up early, again, for RCDT and teaching some lion dance haha.

what kind of personality do i have? it’s definitely not very pronounced in any obvious way. i keep feeling that people have “personality”, and that my own is in some ways…lacking? or lacking in certain areas.


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