after returning to the apartment from the first class of the day, i was reading a friend’s updated blog, which led me to reading a few other people’s blogs, one of a person i know and one of a person i don’t.

both were interesting in their own ways. i thought as i was reading, i got a feel of their respective personalities (though granted, i didn’t think all too hard about how exactly i might describe those personalities), which i think is one of the fun things about reading blogs–you get in some way a small kind of insight as to who the writer might be. and sometimes if you know the writer, or meet them, you can see if and how their internal voice matches up with their external one.

on another note, in one of the posts i just read something was mentioned about “all college kids being avid bloggers”, or something like that, which i didn’t know was true. i’d be surprised if that was truly the case.


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