finally saw the movie “Up”…it was good. since it came out i’ve heard people raving about it, and now i can see part of the movie’s attraction.

i wonder about it, actually, why so many of the people i know really like it. it’s not that i don’t like it myself–it joins the list of movies that i quite enjoyed–it’s just that i didn’t quite feel like my world was shaken up, or something like that.

on the bus ride back to Busch i was thinking about the movie, wondering what about it makes it so “good” to others, or to me. plays on certain emotions, has a lot of “awww” moments. certainly easy enough to see Russell as a real little kid, who means well but whose methods leave a bit to be desired.

small semi-adventure to C/D to grab dinner, plus unexpected HD “Up”, was a pretty fun diversion.

appreciating interesting moments and people as they come.


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